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Are you Prepared for the Next Big Winter Storm?

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Why aren’t we prepared for snow. For those areas that have any potential for snow and ice, we need to be prepared for it.  The beauty of preparing for snow is that it is pretty straight forward.  Still, every year we see people who are struggling to find salt, shovels, and the whole bread and milk fiasco.

Of course, the best option is to have these things on hand long before you need them. What’s even better is to buy them in the spring when you can get them on sale!

We are going to face a tremendous blizzard somewhere in the nation. It will likely affect several states. That is the biggest threat that a winter storm can present. If we find ourselves fighting a blizzard there are bigger concerns. The most of which is power.


A means of creating power is a core part of prepping. Every American should have a backup power source. This can be a set of solar panels or some other method.

Or you can invest in a trusty, gas-powered, portable generator. If you want to bring power to the home in a big way get yourself a portable generator.


Obviously, if we lose power in a blizzard it’s going to mean that traditional heating systems will fail. Winter can be one nasty season.

You will need to be prepared with plenty of clothing among other things. Be ready to cordon off rooms in order to keep the heat in one area.

Drinking plenty of warm liquids will also help keep you warm. Have some tea, coffee, or hot chocolate to enjoy during the storm.


Be sure you have plenty of food and water on hand, in case you find that you are snowed in. This is a very rare situation for most people but, it can happen.  This is where a base of food storage comes into play.