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How To Build an Off Grid Winter Cabin for $300

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For those of us who are in love with the idea of homesteading, it’s great to learn from someone who’s starting from scratch.


Pure Living for Life follows a couple’s journey from city living to homesteading while being frugal.  It helps to see a realistic approach to such a huge lifestyle change, instead of massive, expensive projects.

In the video and article on building a tiny off-grid cabin, Jesse and Alyssa show us how they built a small cabin using mostly reclaimed materials for $300!

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The couple didn’t start out with a specific design in mind, but instead found a way to work with what they had.

The cabin was built to safely house a wood-burning stove that would heat an attached garage and RV during the winter.

Although the cabin wasn’t intended to be a home, a few additions can definitely make it one!