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How To Can Water for Emergencies

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Bottled water is definitely easy to come by when conditions are favorable, but it has a relatively short shelf life. Canning water is a great method to preserve water, and there’s an easy-to-follow way to do it ourselves!


Inversion Canning

Using 1/2 gallon jars is about the best method that you can use for this. You can fill the spaces in your next canning with jars filled with water. Place them, inverted, into the water bath in the empty spaces left. After 5 minutes you will have a serious seal on that water. 

You now have sterile canned water. This can be used for hydration or it can be used to rinse wounds. Either way, its water on hand that you do not otherwise have. 

Canned water not only lasts a lot longer than plastic-bottled water (a year or more!!) it tastes a lot better too. You won’t have the plastic taste that comes along with bottled water that’s stored for a while, plus you have control over the water source.

With just sealable jars and freshly boiled water, you can have plenty of water stored up to get your family through a tough situation.

Don’t Just Depend on Canned Water

While canning water is very effective you have to have as many answers for water as possible. Things like water collection and storing water filters or purification tabs are essential to a well-rounded water storage program. 

When water goes away the clock starts ticking. Don’t be left without any answers.