DIY Campfire Swing Set

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DIY Campfire Swing Set

DIY Campfire Swing Set - You should know by now that here at SHTF & Prepping Central we  just love DIY projects. They are a great way to practice your self-sufficiency skills and save $$!

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You should know by now that here at we love DIY just because its a great way to keep your brain working and saves so much money. Anyway! I came across this article that shows you how to build a campfire swing feature for your garden or bug out location.

The picture credit goes to and the article shows you how to set up and build this fantastic swing set. Imagine if SHTF at least you could get some normality and peace even if its just for 5 minutes swinging and staring into the fire drinking a beer. See the full article below:

DIY Campfire Swing Set

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