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DIY Mason Jar Bee Hive

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Making a mason jar beehive is super easy and the benefits of having one will help you out beyond belief. These are so simple this hive thrives in urban areas too.

If you know anything about bees you know that having your own hive can be as easy as a DIY project like this one! There are some obvious benefits to having your own bee hive and they are that you have natural, 100 percent organic honey at your finger tips, when ever you need it, they are the perfect “pet” to keep, they are not needy and keep other pests away from your garden.

The most obvious and best reason to keep bees is pollination of your veggies and plants and by having a hive in the city, you will help the whole neighbor hood out with the pollination of the trees, etc. When you need wax, you have access to bees wax, the best wax of all, you can make candles, salves and glue.

Get the full instructions and materials and consider building one this spring. They also have great websites where you can buy the bees from to start your hive.Get the tutorial and more pictures at…

 DIY Mason Jar Bee Hive