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DIY Smoking Methods in your Backyard

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Food preservation is a huge part of being self-reliant and independent. Things like canning are decidedly indoor activities but what about smoking. How much smoking can one get done in their own backyard? 


That is the focus of these three methods of backyard preservation. 

Drum Smoker

You can easily build your own drum smoker in your backyard. With just a few tools and additions you could be off to the races smoking meats in a drum outback. Now, be sure you source your drum from a safe location. Rust and crude oil are not things you want in any smoking operation. We have to be careful about that. 

This project is pretty straightforward and there are many resources on how to build one. 

DIY Smokehouse

If the drum smoker is not enough of a commitment you might wanna look at creating a smokehouse on property. These can be made pretty easily, as well with stone or brick. You will need a flue and an area to add wood. You will likely want a door on this smoker also. That will help you out a lot. 

A smokehouse on the property will change the way you cook, undoubtedly. 

Open Air Smoking

Some cultures leave the smoke up to the day. They open air smoke but they do it all day. Because the smoke isn’t captive, they are forced to smoke the food for 18 hours at a time! Some heat cooks the meat as well as smoking it. 

If you don’t have the motivation or means to create either of the implements mentioned above it might do you well to try this out. The other important thing about smoking without a smoker is that you will be forced to do that in a wilderness survival situation.

Chances are you won’t have your drum smoker with you on your next hiking trip. 

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