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Do you have a Get Home from Work Plan?

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The odds that something serious happens at work are pretty huge. Where were you during 9/11, the Newtown Shooting, the Boston Bombing?

Most people remember finding out about these things at work. These are isolated incidents but examples of how much we are at work.

The odds that something serious happens at work are pretty huge.

What happens if something serious, like an EMP or massive terrorist attack, happens while you are at work? Are you prepared to react? How are you going to get home and how are you going to get the rest of your family home?

Well, we have three very important factors that could assure you to make that happen, even in the worst circumstances.

Get Home Bag

The cornerstone of any Get Home Plan has to be the Get Home Bag. This bag waits for you in the car and should contain everything you need to get home from work on foot if need be. We have many articles on creating a Get Home Bag and you should read them after this.

At Work EDC

The items that you carry into work are very important, as well. Now most of us are limited in what we can bring to work but we should all have a number of items that can assist us in disaster.

No one is going to take Umbridge with you carrying a flashlight, trauma kit, and even a tactical pen that might have a few weapon options. Even a standard multi-tool will give you options and blades.

The idea behind your workplace EDC is to assure you have everything you need to get to your car and grab your get home bag.

Comms Plan

As important as it is for you to get home you might also need to coordinate your get home with others. Kids at school or spouses at work need to get home as well.

Comms could be down so you will need to depend on an alternate comms system. Check out GoTenna as one such option. Just make sure you have a backup.

Once you all arrive home, you will be able to make your next move but you cannot do anything until the family is together.

The odds that something serious happens at work are pretty huge.