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Easy DIY Forge Out Of An Old Sink

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An easy DIY project we all could at least try and get some sort of blacksmithing skills before SHTF.

I love the simplicity of this forge set up. I think having a little knowledge of this old skill could come in very handy if SHTF. If you can learn how to make a DIY forge out of an old sink, imagine what else you can accomplish.

Not only is this skill a valuable trade today, in a SHTF situation, but you could also use these skills to barter with and make some pretty strong defensive weapons. Heck, you could even make small skinning knives to swords to barter with too.

With this setup, one sink is filled with cold water to quench the metal. Alternatively, if you can only find a single stainless steel sink you could just fill a bucket of water and still be good. In fact, that may be easier, as finding a double sink may be difficult. I would check your local classifieds and maybe even the scrap yard and pick one up for free.

A Quick DIY Forge Tip:

Low-carbon steel is fine for most projects, but high-carbon, S7 tool steel is better for shaping implements that need to hold an edge. Here are a couple of great books on blacksmithing I would recommend:

The Backyard Blacksmith by Lorelei Sims or Blacksmithing Basics for the Homestead by Joe DeLaRonde.

Check out this really great blacksmith 101 article that explains the basics and shows you how to build a DIY forge out of an old sink!

Easy DIY Forge Out Of An Old Sink