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How to Build a Cold Frame in Under 30 Minutes With No Tools

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Winter is approaching FAST! If you want to save money by growing food over the long winter months this is a really easy way to build cold frames with no tools… Straw bales + old windows = instant cold frame.

Essentially, a cold frame is a mini-greenhouse.

You can harvest vegetables that are tolerant to the cold year-round by growing plants in a cold frame.

I have heard that temperatures can even dip as low as -20 degrees F, if done correctly!

A cold frame allows you to start earlier in the Spring and continue later in the Fall, which is great news for us gardeners.

You can also start seedlings that you can later transplant into the garden when the weather warms up.

So get started now and extend your season, you never know when you will need your survival garden!

How to Build a Cold Frame in Under 30 Minutes With No Tools


Bonus: How To Grow a Backyard Supermarket

Having a backyard supermarket will allow you to grow pork and beef, chicken, organic eggs, non-GMO fresh fruits and veggies, including all the essential components you need to make your food staples, desserts, and even drinks.

If you are willing to put in a little elbow grease, this isn't too good to be true. The good news is that some of this can be automated.

Our great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers did this every single day. It's called "homesteading", and it can help you save money on food, furniture, tools, clothes, and much more!

This is as self-sufficient as it gets. Watch this eye-opening video to learn more:

Grow a Supermarket in Your Back Yard

Homesteading will take you back to the roots of your ancestors. It's not only a healthy, stress-reducing pursuit, it's a lifestyle.

Homesteading for Preppers

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Thursday 9th of October 2014

[…] be silly not to try your hand at this this winter. There are so many ways to build a cold frame, You can even make one out of a bale of hay!  Another way is to get old windows and glass doors from Craigslist (hopefully for free) and build […]

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