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Identifying WROL

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In prepping it all comes down to response time. If you are planning on surviving a WROL you are going to want to make fast decisions to either bugout, bug in, or get into some sort of emergency bunker. It all depends on your plan. However, there are some serious things to consider.

What signs will you bank on when you put your plans into action. We are going to look at 3 of these signs that WROL is upon us or getting darn close. Hopefully, these will help you if you find yourself in a situation like that.

Loss of Essential Services

If you see a situation where essential services are lost without a means to get them back on, you need to consider taking action. Nothing is going to crumble civility quite like the water taps going off and the trash and waste management services being compromised.

This coupled with the fact that food and medications will not be flowing will put a huge strain on people.

Wide-Ranging Local Riots

If you get into a situation where you are seeing widespread riots in many localities there is a good chance that WROL is already upon us or that it’s coming very soon. It won’t take a lot of riots to overwhelm your local police. If we see this type of situation on a national scale, lots of resources will be overwhelmed. There are only so many police officers both state and local. Who knows what condition the military would be in to help or national guard.

Martial Law

Now, this might seem counterintuitive because martial law is put in place to maintain order. However, we all know what could come next. Next, we could see the dissolution of that martial law or the overthrow of it. Americans aren’t big fans of rules and there is a good chance a widespread martial law effort fails if things like militia get involved.