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Illness Outbreaks Around the World

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There are lots of things to be concerned with and prepare for in the year 2020. Many preppers only consider disease when it comes in the form of a deadly pandemic. The 2019 novel coronavirus has been a rude awakening for many.

However, because of some lax policies and dangerous practices in our nation, we are going to have to start paying closer attention to the spread of disease here at home and on the world stage.

Let’s look at some of the diseases that are reemerging in our nation and, frankly, scaring those who are paying attention half to death. We are going to focus on four in this article.


A once eradicated disease in America, measles was gone from the landscape of this nation.

However, the combination of radical unscreened and illegal immigration and a movement to stop vaccinating children resulted in over 1,200 new cases of measles in 2019, according to statistics published by the CDC.


While not domestic Ebola is on the rampage in the Congo.

The Congo faced a deadly outbreak in 2019 with over 2,100 people killed by the disease according to WHO. It’s an ugly reality but it’s one they are facing.


The homeless outbreak in LA County has created a reemergence of Typhus, a flea-born illness, that has long been something we have concerned ourselves with.

The explosion of the homeless population in major cities has a terrible effect on health and wellness in this nation.

From feces in the streets to outbreaks of disease and rampant drug use. Typhus is one major symptom of an out-of-control homeless population.

2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Perhaps the most terrifying of all these outbreaks is the coronavirus that has spread across China and dozens of other countries in a matter of months. And it is increasingly, and alarmingly, making itself known in Europe and the United States.

While the first three illnesses are not likely soon to become pandemics, they are serious and are affecting our lives. The coronavirus may be another story, and you will need to be prepared.

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