How To Make Lye Soap From Fat and Wood Ashes: Low-Cost Survival Hygiene

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How To Make Lye Soap From Fat and Wood Ashes

Making soap is really easy to do and really cheap! If SHTF there is no excuse to go dirty. Remember hygiene is really important in an emergency situation.

Disclaimer and Important Safety Info. I put disclaimers on most of my posts, but in this case you should really take a moment to read this. Lye in its distilled form is extremely caustic, and it can easily eat through your skin, muscles, fat, and even the nerves without you noticing until it is much too late. Always cover exposed skin, wear eye goggles, and wear thick rubber gloves when making lye or handling it when making soap. Always use lye in a well-ventilated area. Be extremely cautious with it and you should be fine.

Lye soap is actually a really old way of making soap. It is easily made and can be used as a barter item if needed, I personally have only made this soap once and I actually found it works very well.

If you are looking to save money and become more self sufficient this would be a really great project. Check it out below:

How To Make Lye Soap From Fat and Wood Ashes: Low-Cost Survival Hygiene

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