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How to Make a Survival Bow

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There are many PVC creations by many YouTubers and these are more than capable of taking small game. The first question you should ask yourself is: What am I after with my survival bow?

The answer to this question will decide whether or not you are in the market for a survival bow. Whether you add one of these to your survival loadout or not, this is a great build to try out.

Survival Bow Build

To make a PVC longbow you are going to need 6 ft x 3/4 inch PVC, fiberglass rods, and masonry twine for your bowstring. These items can get it all done.

The PVC pipe is going to be the hull for your bow so you will need to use a small handsaw and cut a notch in either end to assure you have a place to affix your string.

If you were to string your PVC bow just like this you should shoot arrows with this simple setup. They won’t go far and that bow will not have a lot of power.

However, by taking those fiberglass rods and taping four of them together you are taking adding some backbone to the bow and making the pull stronger.

These fiberglass rods will go down into the PVC pipe. In the pipe, they will become part of the bow and now when you string the bow and try to shoot it, you will feel a significant difference.

Now you have a bow that is capable of killing all manner of small game. It can even take down a deer with a precise shot.

Primitive Survival

Killing food with a bow is undoubtedly primitive survival. You have missed out on several opportunities if you are using a PVC bow to gather food. That said, it can still be an effective tool in a pinch, and that’s what we are preparing for. There are many different methods for building these bows.