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Making your Own Butter

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There are many projects that you can take on to understand the self-reliant way. It all goes back to understanding basic materials and how they become the things we buy at the supermarket. Things like milk and eggs are in so many things or are the base for so many things that its hard to believe. However, its true.

One such homesteading project is making your own butter. You likely have seen the pictures of girls churning butter before but what did that take and what was in there?

Do you know how to make your own butter? If not we are going to talk about some methods in this article.

Butter is basically heavy cream that has been agitated to separation. If you whip cream until it gets light and airy you have whipped cream. Sweeten that and you can put it on all sorts of tasty treats.

If you agitate the cream even further it will eventually split into solids and liquids. Strain away the solids and from them together, that is butter. It’s a fairly easy process if you have a kitchen aid, it’s almost too easy!

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Jars and Marbles

One method of turning cream into butter is to take a couple of marbles, drop them in a quart-sized mason jar and fill it about 1/3 of the way with heavy cream. From here you just shake that jar till the mix separates.

This is old school and it takes time but you get a very clear view of what’s going on with your cream through the jar.


You can also use a standard kitchen whisk. This is a test of forearm endurance but it can be done.

Kitchen Aid

The quickest and easiest method is to throw that cream in an electric mixer and let it go to work. This just happens while you are doing other things.

Combine your butter solids in some cheesecloth, ring it out and let it cool in the fridge. A little salt in the mix helps, too!