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The One Prep Money Can’t Buy is a Prepared Community

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After Irma and after Harvey, we saw some of the most encouraging stories and pictures from the entirety of 2017.

It has been an ugly year, particularly for American unity. In all my years, I have not seen more people at each other’s throats. 

Still, when it counted and when the flood waters rose, we saw people of all races helping their neighbors. A prepared community banding together to be better for the sake of saving lives.

The One Prep Money Can’t Buy is a Prepared Community - If you have been looking for a starting line to turn this nation around its right in your own community.  - The truth about all this is that it takes work. If you are going to commit to creating a more cohesive community it will take up your time

It makes me wonder about threats and the beneficial effects they have on humanity. Are we meant to be so comfortable and so safe?  Or are we just a battling group of sapiens that work best under pressure, under attack?

The Inroads of a Prepared Community

What would you say if I told you that your neighbor is your most important prep? Forget about the food storage and the extra water.

What if those people who live around you on all sides were the most important parts of a survival scenario. Though it may sound radical, I assure you, when the rubber hits the road, it will be these people who help you or need your help.

There must be more to prepping than hoarding and fighting off the have-nots. Four years ago, I hit this wall and was determined to find another way. The answer came in the form of community.

It became embarrassingly clear that I had to pull myself out of this mountain of tactical gear, flashlights, and food storage to get outside and meet my neighbors.

A year later, we started working on our community garden, and while it may not sound like much, it brought the community and the people together.

It gave us something to talk about and to rally around. Other neighbors did amazing things as well and I began to see a process taking shape.

To build a neighborhood with the capacity to grow and evolve into something more, you had to start with three things:

  • Community Garden
  • Effective Communications
  • Neighborhood Watch

Your Neighbors can Change the World

From there, I began writing. I am a podcaster, and on my show, I discuss lots of topics, including prepping.

In speaking with guests and audience members, I realized that most people saw the isolation and division in our nation, but nobody understood how to begin to put out the flames.

From my experience and ideas, as well as the concern and research of people much smarter than me, I created Come Unity; Community to offer some solutions.

The book is into the power of a cohesive community. What is a neighborhood truly capable of?

You would be surprised to find out that a strong community can provide answers to:

  • Isolation
  • Contamination
  • Centralization
  • Dependence
  • Broken Homes
  • Sustainable Food Production
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Purchasing Power
  • Unity in the Nation

It All Takes Work

The truth about all this is that it takes work. If you are going to commit to creating a more cohesive community, it will take up your time.

You may have to cancel a few golf sessions or a few Zumba classes. You will have to work in the garden on some weekends and gather people together for community barbecues.

What are you investing your time these days? How will it affect your future?

There are troubles ahead. In under a month, we are going to see a day of national uprising by the Antifa terrorists. It will be a look at the direction our nation could go.

You may need your preps for that day. I promise you, however, that it will make you consider the most precious prep in our arsenal; a prepared community.

Let’s not abandon our children and grandchildren in a remote, technocommunity-run war zone.

It is critical that we find common ground as neighbors and learn to coexist outside the lines of political dichotomies or social concerns.

At the very base level, we must be neighbors who care most about the human lives around us. Everything else is transient.

If you have been looking for a starting line to turn this nation around, start in your own community.

Start with the community garden, get people talking, and from there, it is left open to your creativity.

Keep them engaged, and when a disaster does come, you will be amazed at the ownership your neighbors take.

What is the difference between intuition and common sense? After reading an article like this I asked myself this question. For all that we can get for our shelves and our armories, there are many preps out there that are not for sale.