Outdoor Fire and Cooking for Austere Times

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The, truly, best preps are those that work in tandem with your regular life. The best example for this is using bulk food storage to make nightly meals. That is one of those situations where you feel as though you have blended the preparedness lifestyle with good living! Eating well can be done with freeze-dried foods.

The, truly, best preps are those that work in tandem with your regular life.

We should look for more confluences of the same sort that can be used to meld our preparedness goals with our daily lives. In this way, we build a lifestyle that takes care of prepping by default. That is a very exciting thought.

Another great method for doing this is spending more time outside and cooking or burning fire in a fire pit. If you get in the habit of building a fire once a week and sitting outside, it becomes a skill that you build into your weekly routine.

If you are burning wood outside you also might as well cook! When you do these things in tandem you are really building some skills into your weekly routine. Why not take a meal outside once a week? Perhaps its on the grill or maybe you do some building. One of the best things to build for outdoor cooking is a pizza oven.

In this big wood-fired oven you can make some of the best bread and pizzas possible as its a better heat conductor than your oven and make much better use of that heat.

In times of disaster, when electricity is gone, you will have no problem carrying on these weekly events of cooking outside or over a fire.  It’s not the same things as cooking on a stove in the house.

These skills all translate into what makes a good prepper and someone who is ready to face the austere times ahead.

The, truly, best preps are those that work in tandem with your regular life.

Bonus: Root Cellar That Can Be Used as a Bunker

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