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How To Prepare A Prepper Battle Box

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You may not think of it as much as you should but your job has an emergency response plan. Hopefully, they have briefed you on that plan and offered you a packet that lays out the whole thing.

How To Prepare A Prepper Battle Box

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This is the law and they are supposed to make you aware of their emergency response plan. Businesses have been perfecting how to stay viable after disasters for a very long time.

While there is much to learn from survivalists and preppers, there is also a ton you can learn from business continuity.

This article takes a small piece of business continuity and applies it to your home preparedness plans. You will love this one.

Its very important that you create a battle box. If you are planning on running and gunning or just efficiently evacuating, you have to create a battle box.

How To Prepare A Prepper Battle Box

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