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Rain Collection and Garden Watering

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If you are going to have a garden you are going to need good soil, you are certainly going to need those quality seeds but you are also going to need water. Have you given any consideration to water collection beyond just your families needs?

One of the most overlooked parts of prepping is the watering of gardens.

Think about the water you need to water a modest garden each day. Well, you are going to need a lot more once you decide to turn your whole backyard into a survival garden!

Rain Barrels

Rain barrels are an affordable and efficient method for collecting water. They do a great job and can be easily patched into home gutters.

You will have to come up with a way to get the water from the barrels to the garden. That can be a simple matter of installing a faucet or running some hose from that faucet.


The big boy options for rain collection is installing a cistern.

These massive containers can hold thousands of gallons of water and that might be just what you need to water the garden. We have to be very smart about water consumption.

If you are using water storage to water your garden you are going to run out for your family.


Aside from the things that you can purchase online. You are also going to be able to create a water catchment system in any design you might like.

You could use things like 90 gallon water cubes or IBC tank totes that are easy to get your hands on. These can be very beneficial. I have seen them raised up on pallets and small roofs built onto them to drain water into a catchment gutter that feeds them.

No matter how you slice it, you are going to need more water for a garden and the bigger the garden the more water you will need.