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Should you Carry Food Rations?

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How do you feel about your daily level of preparedness? It is almost a guarantee that you are far less prepared than you feel like you might be. This is mostly because we want to survive and we want to be doing the right thing. What’s more, is that we all have financial constraints when it comes to our level of preparedness.

Do you carry food with you? Do you carry granola bars or something small like that in your EDC bag or in other bags? Have you ever considered carrying high-calorie food rations?

While your average granola bar is gonna run a couple of hundred calories, or maybe a little more, most food rations are going to be close to 2x that amount of calories of energy.

There is a time and place for these high-calorie bars to come to use.

Bug Out Bags

High-calorie bars and bug out bags go hand in hand.

If you are on the bugout the idea is that you are going to want to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. You do not want to sit down and cook up a bagged camping meal. Instead, you are looking to fuel fast and on the move.

High-calorie bars are perfect for that.


Snacking in a power outage is something that can be served well by high-calorie bars. Many homes depend on electricity for their cooking as well as lights and heat. When the power goes out, things get really weird.

Bunker or Safe Room

Another great place to store these high-calorie rations is in a bunker or safe room. You want to have a number of food options in bunkers but having a quick, high-calorie option is always going to be a great idea.

When it comes to food there are many answers but it’s worth looking at high-calorie bars like Millennium Bars as a solution.