What Is SHTF?

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What Is SHTF?

What Is SHTF?

SHTF – Shit Hit The Fan. That is it in layman’s terms, but what does it really mean? There are several types of SHTF. The first and most known is when all hell breaks loose and governments shutdown and declare marshal law. If this ever happens on a global scale, I am pretty positive that we couldn’t pull out of this in a lifetime. It would take generations of rebuilding and restructuring.

Second would be if a country went to war and a nuclear bomb was dropped on the country. Transportation would be most likely haltered either because of roads being damaged or the lack of people willing to venture out in the environment. When the trucks stop transporting food, water and necessary items for everyday life the shops and stores will be out of stock after only 3 days!

For the third I would say a pandemic or a disease outbreak. With Ebola looming over the world right now this is a very real and scary type of SHTF that most of us, even the top preppers out there are prepared for.

Then they are the more personal types of SHTF. Like you losing your job, or losing a loved one that is the bread winner. This type of SHTF usually hits us at least once in a lifetime. This type of SHTF is usually fixed quickly and we all can learn valuable skills and lessons.

Here is a video I did explaining the different SHTF situations you may face in your lifetime.

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