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How To Start a Car with a Dead Battery Using a Rope

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Imagine that you are stranded in your car with a dead battery in a remote location with no cell signal. No one is going to stop and provide assistance or give you a jump and you can’t call AAA. What do you do?

You could hike to the nearest gas station or local town to find help. If you are a skilled survivalist and have a compass handy, that might be a viable option, but not recommended if you are in unfamiliar territory. This is a particularly unwelcome situation if SHTF and you need to get to your destination safely. You will want to get the car started and get moving ASAP.

This article offers a great solution! Did you know you could start your car with a dead battery without another car to jump it, or the need to push start it all by yourself?

The car will need to be a manual transmission, but if so all you will need is the jack and some rope (items all preppers should have ready in their car) and you will be able to start your car despite the dead battery!

Check out the instructable to learn more and to watch the video of the author in action.