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Stockpiling for Baby With or Without a Baby!

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We all have limits to what we can store but we should consider how effective the items we store are going to be in a collapse. Of course, the basics of food, water, first aid, personal hygiene and the like. What about beyond the guns and ammo and basic preps?

The things that you store double as barter items. In a fallen world it will be very important to quickly set up some sort of local economy and give everyone the ability to get the things they need without killing each other. Its vitally important or the people will just kill each other!

In terms of barter, people talk about things like cigarettes and booze to store. They are good but if you want to help people in need and have some serious bartering power, stockpile baby items. Things like diapers, formula, bottles and infant Tylenol can be a miracle.

As a Parent

As the parent, you have an obligation to be prepared for disaster and have the things your child will need. Baby’s require a lot so be sure you sit down and consider the items they will need to get to maturity if supply chains are interrupted. Extras can always be donated before they expire.

Having a Baby in the Family

Even if you aren’t a parent, you should plan to care for that baby in your family. This just makes sense. The parents might have some but its unlikely they have enough. So you could have a back up of baby items that are necessary. Diaper rash cream is another important one.

As a Bartering Tool

I have to imagine parents will be completely ready to work or trade for the things their child needs. I don’t look at this as taking advantage because if no one has these things than the baby suffers. If the child’s father helps clear debris or hunt for food and gets what he needs, that’s a win-win situation.