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Storing Evacuation Resources Away from Home

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After watching the year of hurricanes followed by the year of fire there was one takeaway that stood out among all. It was an evacuation. Even preppers might not be prepared for a moments notice evacuation. Sure, we have a bugout bag but that is a different situation than an evacuation. There are also many ways to handle it.

Its not just about keeping a bag by the door with all your documents and things inside. While that is a great method for dealing with evacuation, we want to bring you an alternative that could prove just as effective.

Evacuation is a nasty thing that displaces your family for an unknown amount of time. You need to prep for this and a bag for sentimental things and important items you want to keep at home should be step number one. However, I want you to think about this concept for a moment.

If you rent a storage space or storage unit about 30 miles outside of your home, away from the likely threat direction i.e. coastline in most cases, you will be able to stage all sorts of items in that unit. From cash, to food and water. Rather than take time loading up the car you will be able to pull much-needed items from that unit.

While there is a cost associated with this method, I think it makes sense. You can have your own little survival cache, maybe even climate controlled, that is 30 miles away from the likely disaster! That is prepping power at its best.

There are many other ways to handle evacuation but this storage unit method could be just the answer for you. You might find that it checks all the boxes for your plan. Why travel with loads of gear and goods if you can just pull up to a place, well out of harms way, and grab the things you need?