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Storing Informative First Aid Resources

Storing Informative First Aid Resources

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Lets take a moment and be very honest about the importance of first aid in modern society. Like so many other things we are pretty confident that someone else is going to show up and save the day. We have CERT classes that are offered at no charge but very few people take advantage of that. Maybe its a sign of the times.

Lets take a moment an be very honest about the importance of first aid in modern society.

Either way, we have to be honest about what we know with regard to first aid. While it might seem like an easy thing to knock of the list, buying a first aid kit is just one simple part of first aid preparedness. First of all, most kits are pretty rough and need to be added to. If you buy a first aid kit from places like Walmart or Target you will likely find hardly usable band aids inside and few packets of pills and creams.

Beyond a band aids and rolled gauze you need skills. A lot of good a trauma kit will do you if you don’t know the first thing about how to use it. That’s a real issue! We all need some informative first aid resources on hand for disaster.


There are tons of great books out there to place on your shelf. Two books that come to mind are The Survival Medicine Handbook and The Doomsday Book of Medicine. These are about the best resources to start with.


In offices and warehouses all over America there are a number of different guides and resources hung on walls and stored on shelves to help employees address first aid issues. All of these resources can be purchased for your own home. They are compact, easy to understand and are designed to be used in an emergency


Our devices are capable of holding terabytes of information. We can have a video downloaded on our system to show us nearly anything. It would make sense to have a library of first aid procedures that is built into such a device.

Lets take a moment an be very honest about the importance of first aid in modern society.

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