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Survival Tools for Chopping Wood

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Survival Tools for Chopping Wood

Survival Tools for Chopping Wood - DIY Follow Me on Pinterest

I know what you’re thinking: “Survival tools for chopping wood? All you need is an axe or hatchet!” For some, the idea that all you need to chop wood to burn is an axe or hatchet is true. There are people on the planet that could take an axe and build a log cabin with it. This article is not for those special exceptions: it’s for the rest of us who didn’t grow up in the woods or have exposure to building a lot of fires, let alone chopping wood on a regular basis.

First off, an axe and a hatchet serve different purposes when it comes to chopping/cutting wood. Yes, they look the same but you wouldn’t use a hatchet to break up a large round of wood into firewood! Hatchets can chop, no doubt about that, but it does have limits. Just as the axe isn’t the best choice for cutting kindling or doing smaller work, every tool has its place in the lineup of importance for survival.

Click the link below to learn the 4 tools you should have on hand if you think you’ll be chopping firewood for survival!

4 Tools to Cut and Chop Wood for Survival

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