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The Big Three for Beginners

The Big Three for Beginners

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When you are new to disaster preparedness it can be a very big deal.  It can seem very overwhelming and since most of us are on fixed budgets and fixed schedules this can be very tough on everyone. We all need a starting line.

When you are new to disaster preparedness it can be a very big deal. 

Most prepping beginners are going to benefit from sort of simple process or direction. What do we focus our money on. Well, there are three areas that mean the most to disaster preparedness and you should focus on those first. Lets call those the big three of beginner disaster preparedness.


This is the three day resource. That’s all you get. After three days you are going to die without water or be so immobile that survival is impossible.

Because of this you need to consider a multi level solution for water. From catching rainwater, to storing water to having a method of filtering a local water source. This multi tiered method of water preparedness will assure you always have something.


Food is sustenance and its very important. During disaster recovery you are going to expend lots of calories thanks to cleanup and things of that nature. Since many people are sedentary these days its important to understand that food is going to be high on the list of needs.

Aside from sustenance food is also an incredible morale booster

Backup Power

In the modern age we need to generate some sort of backup power. Between our phones and applicances backup power can create a living space that is very comfortable even during a power outage. Whether you go the route of a portable gas generator or employ some solar power, something is better than nothing.

If you cover these three you should be able to address many of the disaster preparedness needs that come about.

When you are new to disaster preparedness it can be a very big deal.