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Top 7 Knots You Should Know For Survival

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A lost skill in modern times is the ability to tie knots. There are many complex problems that can be solved by understanding the right knot and knowing how to use it. If you spend a lot of time in the wild and building shelter, chances are you have your own repertoire of knots that you use. 

We are going to take a look at 7 of the best knots that you should know for survival. These are all great options if you are looking to build your bushcraft skills. Of the many different things that you can do to build your skills, knots can help you on many levels. 

Two Half Hitches

A very basic knot that has tons of uses, two half hitches are great for tying your ridgeline. 

Fisherman’s Knot

This is the knot you want to know if you are joining two different pieces of cordage together. The name is fitting as fishermen often combine tippet and other fishing lines.

Prusik Knot

The Prusik knot is something that can really help with setting up your hammock. This is the best not for attaching other hanging lines to a ridgeline. 

Truckers Hitch

The truckers hitch is the most important knot for tightening down a load. This is a great knot for bundling things up and keeping them in place. 

Clove Hitch 

The clove hitch is the stake knot for the modern-day survivalist or outdoorsman. You can use this knot to tie down a shelter or tent. 


Your bowline will give you the option of creating a strong loop into a piece of cordage. 

Taut Line Hitch

Like the bowline, you can create a powerful loop in your cord but this one can be adjusted. That makes it very valuable.