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What are the Most Sensitive Preps?

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The age of prepper OPSEC is at risk. It’s going away. You are going to find it harder and harder to be prepared without others knowing about it. Of course, there are a number of things that are going to affect this but we have to be prepared for it.

Guns and Ammo

In this day and age, a collection of guns and ammunition are going to get some looks. If you have a brick of ammo you could find that people get really sensitive about these things.

It’s one thing to have a hidden gun safe with some hunting rifles. But when you start talking about lots of handguns, thousands of rounds of stockpiled ammo you are going to get some looks.

Maybe don’t tell everyone about the guns and ammo you possess.

Long Term Food Storage

While putting up food storage in the version of cans and dry boxed good just seems like a good practice, it can be different with canned long term food storage.

You are going to find that when people see your food pails or cans of freeze-dried TVP their hairs will stand up and it will make them terrified.

Radiological Preps

For some reason when you get into nuclear preps you are going to get looks. Although we know the severity of a nuclear disaster people attribute gas masks and radiological suits with people who are just too damned paranoid.

It’s a very interesting thing but it’s real. Keep your Geiger counter hidden.