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What is Glamping? The Luxurious Twist on Traditional Camping

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What do you do if you want to experience nature but aren’t really the “camping type”?

Hotels and resorts don’t really give much of an outdoor experience, but they sure have some great amenities. Well, we’ve got the perfect answer for the person who likes to enjoy nature but doesn’t really want to rough it in a tent—glamping.

Yes, that’s correct; we said glamping. No, it’s not a made-up thing. Over the last few years, glamping has taken hold as a real, popular alternative to camping. So what exactly is glamping (other than an odd word)?

So, what is glamping, exactly?

Glamping is luxury camping. It’s the perfect trade-off for the person who really loves being outdoors but would rather have a real bed and a real, private bathroom.

It may sound a bit like staying in a hotel, but glamping is a great way to pamper yourself while experiencing nature. While we are always fans of a good night in the woods in a simple tent, sometimes a bit of luxury is just what we all need.

Who is Glamping Suited For?

woman glamping

Since we’ve cleared things up and you now know that glamping is a real thing, not just a silly word, we’d like to delve into some of the details of glamping and how awesome a luxury camping trip can be.

However, before you pack your bags, you should know a little bit about the ideal glamping spots. Let’s be clear about one thing: glamping isn’t for the minimalist.

To really do glamping, you’re going to need some gear, so backcountry glamping isn’t a thing. If you want to glamp but also keep it rustic, pick a really nice, developed campground. 

You can glamp in a tent, but if you desire the finest amenities, choose a more suitable location. In reality, to glamp well, you need to rely on the expertise of others. We recommend doing some research and finding a great glamping resort.

Indeed, there are glamping resorts that can rival the luxury of a 5-star hotel, while also offering the advantage of being less crowded and closer to nature than traditional resorts. Many glamping resorts market themselves as “eco-resorts”.

There are locations where you can immerse yourself in nature, enjoy luxurious amenities, and practice environmental responsibility. Glamping resorts are all over the world, so you can easily find a spot to glamp in that dream destination or even in your backyard.

Things to Consider

You’ve got some choices to make before you head out on your glamping adventure. But before you head out, you should decide on your glamping style.

Since glamping ranges from really nice tents or even teepees to luxurious cabins and treehouses, you need to know what you are looking for in your glamping adventure.

Before you pick a spot, you should ask yourself a few questions:

  • How close to nature do I want to be?
  • What amenities are essential for my comfort?
  • Do I want someone to cook for me?
  • Do I still want to be the adventure’s creator?

The answers to these questions will guide you through selecting the right glamping style for you. If you still like to be in control, you probably want to create your own glamping adventure.

If you need something more luxurious, you may want to select a beautiful glamping resort. If you want something in between, maybe an RV glamping adventure is right for you.

No matter your preference, make sure to do your research to ensure that you have all the essentials for a great glamping adventure.

Glamping Styles Explained

glamping in tent

So, if you’ve found your glamping style and are ready to head out on your own, here’s what you need to know about the glamping options that are available to you.

1. Tent Glamping

Don’t think that just because you’re sleeping in a tent, you can’t have luxury. Tent glamping is a high-class activity.

With hard floors, vaulted ceilings, and enough space for chairs, a regular bed, and even a stove or heater, tent glamping is like camping in a tent, but better.

If you’re tent glamping on your own, find a campground that has tent platforms instead of pitching your tent on the ground.

Then, bring the extras—a good bed, some nice chairs—and don’t forget the kitchen and bathroom. Glam up your tent with soft rugs, cozy bedding, a generator to power lights, a heater, and a hot shower.

2. RV Glamping

This is probably the original glamping; however, today’s RVs and travel trailers take comfort up a notch, even from just a few years ago. Don’t you have your own RV? For your next adventure, rent one.

Today’s RVs come complete with multiple televisions, king-size beds, gourmet kitchens, and bathrooms that would put your home to shame.

There are even cool campgrounds that provide extra amenities for RV camping, like swimming pools, quality restaurants, and well-manicured landscaping and parking areas.

3. Cabin Glamping

Don’t think that just because you’re in a building, you can’t be close to nature.

Look for those remote cabins that have surprising amenities, like hot tubs, luxurious bathrooms, and well-stocked kitchens. Tree houses are becoming a great way to glamp in a cabin, but with a bit of added fun.

Perfect for families, tree houses and cabins give you plenty of luxury, keep you close to nature, and provide added protection from the elements.

4. Glamping Resorts

If you really aren’t into making your own glamping adventure, or if you just want a romantic weekend getaway, consider a glamping resort.

These spots are generally off the beaten path, have all the amenities of a hotel resort, and give you the opportunity to be closer to nature. Teepees and yurts are very popular options at glamping resorts, but they aren’t your average tent.

Hardwood floors, running water, feather beds, and soft couches and chairs make your tent feel more like a 5-star resort. We’ve even heard of glamping resorts that use upgraded travel trailers (usually old Airstream campers) for rooms.

The best part of resorts is that you are free to relax without having to worry about keeping up your space or cooking meals. Glamping resorts are complete with housekeeping services and full-service restaurants.

Glamping resorts aren’t just an American thing either. If you want to go on a global adventure and be close to nature, there are plenty of options for glamping outside of the United States.

Essential Glamping Gear

glamping gear

So, if you want to glamp on your own and don’t want to rely on a resort to make your next camping trip extra comfortable, here’s some great gear that you’ll want to take along.

Oh, and fair warning, glamping isn’t for the frugal; expect to spend some extra cash for your glamping adventure.

  • Tent: If you’re not in an RV, you’re going to need a tent. You’ll need a tent that is spacious enough to accommodate a large group of people or to enjoy all the comforts of camping. It should include an opening for your wood stove.
  • Bed: What you sleep on is truly the difference between camping and glamping. Make sure you have a great bed to sleep on. Combine it with plenty of cozy bedding and lots of pillows, and you have the perfect place to sleep.
  • Generator: If you really want to go camping and glamping, make sure you have a generator. It powers everything from the lights in your tent to your portable hot shower. Go with a silent power generator. It’s super quiet and makes plenty of electricity for all of your glamping needs.
  • Shower: Don’t leave home without a hot shower. A portable shower adds the thrill of a hot shower to any glamping adventure.
  • Chair: For any glamping adventure, you’ll want something more luxurious than your standard camp chair. It should be comfortable, portable, have plenty of space, have an inflatable headrest, and have a cup holder.
  • Kitchen: If you’ll be cooking your own meals while glamping, you’ll need a great kitchen. When you combine your stove or oven with a great workspace, you’ll have the perfect cooking area, which is a recipe for success!

Glamping vs. Camping: Which One Is Better?

Well, glamping is your normal camping adventure, made extra comfortable with some luxurious extras.

When glamping, you’ll never sleep on the ground, and you’ll never have to worry about an icky bathroom, a cold shower, or a mediocre meal.

Glamping is everything you love about being in nature, as well as everything you love about home.

Whether you make your own glamping adventure or leave the details to the experts, glamping is the perfect way to experience the great outdoors with more than creature comforts.