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Where To Hide During Martial Law

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With all the chaos that has been happening in recent times from the pandemic to out of control protests the chances that martial law could be implemented is an ever present threat.

If governments feel the need, martial law is an option for them to employ in order to maintain law and order and control. Few people fully understand martial law and what it could mean should it happen.

What Exactly Is Martial Law?

Martial Law

In basic terms ordinary law is suspended and it turns to a military government. Some people may feel comfortable with the idea of law and order being maintained without comprehending what this means.

Basically your everyday rights that we enjoy currently would disappear and you would be at the mercy of the government and the military.

Should you want to go out of your house you would only be able to do so if the government allows it as an example. Your movements will likely be restricted amongst other things like making certain items illegal.

You are at the mercy of the government during martial law and it can leave you feeling uneasy and wanting to escape.

Is Hiding From Martial Law Even Possible?

hiding from martial law

You may think once martial law is implemented you have nowhere to go and you will now be under the strong arm of the law but this is not the case.

You can still have some movement depending on the restrictions implemented and when you get the opportunity it is important to move to a place where you will feel safe and be able to still enjoy certain freedoms.

It is also important to remember that martial law may only be implemented in an affected area leaving you with more options to hide from martial law.

Where Are The Best Places To Hide During Martial Law?

places to hide

There are a number of considerations of places to go during martial law to either avoid it or at least minimize its impact.

It is important to remember that you should only go to any of these places if it is safe to do so. For example if all movement is deemed illegal under martial law you could end up in severe trouble and worst case scenario death.

These are purely recommendations and you should only use these as guidelines depending on your specific situation.

Option 1: Rural Areas

Rural areas are generally not as widely affected by general law changes including martial law. They may not be impacted at all by martial law if the problem does not extend that far.

If they are affected these areas have less of a population but are more widely spread apart so this means that it will be more difficult to strictly police these areas.

Many rural communities are already self-sufficient by virtue of the fact that they are far away from general resources. In general you will find farmers and survivalists alike in these areas and you could follow suit and follow the lifestyle.

If you are already in a rural area it may make sense then for you to stay put. If you are not and plan to move to a rural town keep in mind these communities tend to be close knit and you could be seen as an unwelcome outsider.

Option 2: Into the Wild

The chances that troops will be deployed during martial law to unpopulated areas is unlikely and this could make it a great option for you to hide during martial law.

If you are a survivalist or a prepper then this is what you were born for. You will likely have all you need to survive in the wild but one thing is for certain it is not going to be comfortable or fun.

No people, no conveniences around you will really be roughing it out so you need to be prepared for that.

If you do run into an emergency or require assistance then it will be a challenge to get help in this scenario, just something else to keep in mind.

Option 3: Your bunker or bug out location

If you are a prepper you will have planned for a time like this. If this is the case you already have a bunker or bug out location that should be secure and out of the general hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Ensure your bunker or bug out home is kitted out with all of your essentials to ensure you do not need to venture about to get more supplies for as long as possible.

You need to obviously be able to reach this area once martial law has been instituted so this may not be a viable option in certain cases.

Option 4: At An Abandoned Area With Other Preppers

Often areas will be abandoned when martial law has been implemented. If this is the case it is the perfect place to avoid martial law as it will not be monitored and may already have some of the necessities you may need like water and shelter.

If you are part of a community of preppers or survivalists you could combine resources and expertise and form your own clan that can ride out the martial law period together. You will feel less lonely and have support through a trying time.

Option 5: Go Where Martial Law Isn’t

One sure place to hide during martial law is to go where it isn’t. In other words going to a different state or even a neighboring country to escape it altogether.

If movement is restricted and you have no tie to the other area this may prove more difficult or even impossible in some instances.

If you are able to though this is the safest option to hiding from martial law if you can get to the area safely and legally.

You may be away from some of your loved ones and daily comforts but it could be a better alternative than dealing with control of martial law.


Martial law may appear to be a tool for assisting maintain law and order but you will find yourself minus your current rights and feeling completely controlled.

It is possible to hide during martial law and we have provided some of the most viable options. Consider these choices and keep them in mind if you are ever stuck in a martial law nightmare.

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