33 Awesome DIY Projects for Preppers

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33 Awesome DIY Projects for Preppers

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I post a lot of DIY articles and will continue to do so because I think that if we all can learn to do things for ourselves more, not only are we building up a bank of knowledge that would probably save our lives if SHTF but by learning skills as simple as DIY projects we save a ton of money too.

I found a great website with 33 projects for preppers. They are all cool and I would love it if I could get all of them done over this year. Check them all out in the link below.

My favorite from the list is: Running on Empty: Siphoning Gas without Sucking. If SHTF there will be a lot of cars, trucks and campers all over the country and in them will be a loot of gas… For me this is great knowledge to learn. I do not want gas in my mouth.

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33 Awesome DIY Projects for Preppers

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