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Gardening in Grow Bags

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There seems to be an endless list of gardening methods out there. It can be a little dizzying when you really get into it.

The list goes on…

The bags are completely mobile and each bag has handles on either side. So, even full, they can be picked up and moved. They are small bags. A little larger than an average grocery bag but they are capable of growing beautiful plants.

Hiding Food

While these grow bags are intended to be buried to prevent things like compaction and promote aeration, they are very effective above ground. One of the biggest benefits is being able to create an above ground garden that is movable.

This would give you the ability to bring plants in at night if you were worried about scavengers or other desperate people in a collapse. Not a pleasant thought but one that needs considering.

Maximizing Sunlight

Another benefit grow bags offer is to keep the garden mobile. This is more of a seasonal benefit but you can get the most sun all year long and even move some plants to shade when the sun is too much.

Gardening in grow bags is a very effective method, though occasionally tedious. It’s one of the only ways you will be able to keep a garden safe when people are desperate enough to steal tomatoes and peppers.

You do have to be careful with water when gardening in grow bags because they can dry out easily in the hot summer sun.