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Have you Considered Fasting as a Prepper?

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We live in an age of total convenience. As preppers we are always looking for an edge. Well, as humans we are looking for that edge, too! The problem is, with all the access we have in this nation its very hard to find something that no one else has or cant get.

There are some things that cannot be bought. It gets a little dark but opportunities are out there. One is suffering and callousing the mind to struggle. They don’t sell that and you cannot read a blog to figure it out. Struggle and suffering offer great rewards that translate directly into prepping.

What do I mean? Well, some people are running ultra marathons. I am talking about 200 mile races over a few days. Others are taking on insane crossfit workouts that punish the body. Its all with the intent of getting harder in our soft society.

Another such option for both health and hardening of the mind is fasting. Yes, like not eating for extended periods of time. This has been proven to help your body rather than hurt it. We all have plenty of what the body needs from a life of over eating.

If you are looking for the health benefits of fasting check out intermittent fasting and you will get an understanding of how this affects your body in a positive way.

For the preppers and survivalists, have you practiced skills while being hungry? Have you woke up and not eaten for 8 hours then tried to hike and make a fire or build a shelter? Probably not. You will be experiencing this in a survival scenario. Maybe training while fasting is not such a bad idea?

This is more than just a radical health fad. For people like us, getting to know hunger is going to open up many doors. Experience is the aim of the game and we will all be hungry if the SHTF!