How to Adopt a Dynamic Lifestyle

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While the common methods of preparing for disaster are all relevant, what’s beyond that? You might find that prepping has gone a bit dry and you need more out of your preparedness pursuits. Well there are steps you can take.

While the common methods of preparing for disaster are all relevant, what's beyond that?

One of the biggest is the creation of a cohesive community in your neighborhood. You can do things together, communicate, garden and become a unit. There is no reason to be surrounded by a bunch of strangers all your life.

While many preppers and survivalists will talk big about the people who lived in the past, they will not adopt the mind for community that those same people had. Before maximum convenience people had to depend on each other. You needed the blacksmith, you needed the butcher and so on.

Now we don’t need anyone, right?

Living a dynamic lifestyle is about getting out of your comfort zone. Its about getting out there and doing new things, doing tough things and pushing yourself.

When you watch someone make a fire in the woods, in the summer, you can see its pretty impressive. However, everything is dry and they are filming. They have prepared for this moment. How does the body respond in the winter, in the snow and the cold, when you are hungry.

Living a dynamic lifestyle keeps you on your toes. It is the best way you can prepare for adverse conditions without putting yourself into those scenarios.

To do it right, you need only sit down and consider those things that take you outside of your comfort zone. Consider those parts of prepping and life that make you cringe. You know, the things you are not good at! DO those things. Get better. Push harder and find comfort in discomfort.

Whether you are looking to better yourself or become the ultimate survivor a dynamic lifestyle can help you.

While the common methods of preparing for disaster are all relevant, what's beyond that?

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