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How To Make Survival Bread That Will KEEP Indefinitely

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 How To Make Survival Bread That Will KEEP Indefinitely

 How To Make Survival Bread That Will KEEP Indefinitely Follow Me on Pinterest

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Did you know that this will keep indefinitely and each loaf is the daily nutrients for one adult. Crazy to think but it’s true. It is said to make you full and is a great survival food.

This is easy to make and actually tastes okay. It’s all about calories in a survival situation and this has a lot of em. Make a big batch today and place some in each of your bug out bags and or EDC bags. You never know when you will need this dense bread to keep you going!

Many years ago, at a Preparedness Fair, I picked up this recipe for Survival Bread. The recipe says that after it’s made, it “will keep indefinitely”. Hmmm… Made me think of Lembas bread – something the elves would make (for you Lord of the Rings fans). “One small bite will fill the belly of a grown man.” Since I can’t stand to waste, it didn’t sound like anything I wanted to HAVE to consume on an otherwise perfectly good day, with soft yeast bread and an abundance of other good foods in the fridge. But this recipe keeps popping up in front of me, so I decided to throw caution to the wind and bake up a brick of Survival Bread today

How To Make Survival Bread That Will KEEP Indefinitely

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