Inside-Out and Outside-In: Tracking and Control, or War

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Inside-Out and Outside-In: Tracking and Control, or War - This article is a deep dive into what many would call conspiracy. Depending on what type of person you are you might be inspired by this article or you may think its all a bunch of madness. Either way, I assure you, it will create a spur of fear or motivation in you.

Do you need a reminder of what it takes to prep? Do you need a reminder of why you do what you do? Have you any idea the forces that are mounted against the average person?

For some, this gives them fuel to succeed. For others, it can cause you to want to curl up in a ball and surrender. This is just not an option. What does our future hold? That is the priceless question, right? How much danger are we in?

With presidential hopefuls spouting direct assaults at our 2nd Amendment its a very strange time and it’s unlike any America has faced before. This is a nightmare for us all. Even those who think that a network of agencies governing people’s rights is a good thing. 

Self Reliance and Independence

There is no escaping our fate. It’s all part of this deal. You know, we are going to have to forge on as a self-reliant people who are in control of our own security, our own food, and our own liberty. The surveillance state and the radicals in our society must not be allowed to govern our way of life. 

Prepping is an affront to all of these ugly plans for a controlled future. People are easiest to control when they are unarmed and hungry.

Now is the point in your life when you make a pact to never be that person. Never be the type of person that is left to cower and beg. We have not come this far as a nation to be people like these. Through self-reliance and independence, we can find that freedom. 

THrough prepping we can find that power. Through community, we can make it impossible to take away. Get started now and you wont have to bear the weight of failure. 

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