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Make an Aluminum Can Lamp For Light And Heating Water

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Make an Aluminum Can Lamp For Light And Heating Water

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Inspired by an article in Wilderness Way, SuriviveLA made our own post-apocalyptic lighting out of two aluminum cans.

According to the author of that article, Del Gideon, the Vietnamese used to make these lamps back during the war. You can also use these lamps to heat up water.

Cans will be abundant if SHTF, so take a moment and learn how this easy DIY project could give you some decent light and purify water all at the same time.

Making one is easy check out the tutorial in the link below… If you have any other uses for cans please head on over to our Facebook page and leave us a comment 🙂

Make an Aluminum Can Lamp For Light And Heating Water

Bonus: Root Cellar That Can Be Used as a Bunker

root cellar that can be used as a bunker

Do you remember the old root cellars our great-grandparents used to have? In fact, they probably built it themselves, right in their back yard.

If you want to learn how to build a backyard bunker like your grandparents had, without breaking the bank, then you need Easy Cellar.

Easy Cellar will show you:

  • How to choose the ideal site
  • Cost-effective building methods
  • How to protect your bunker from nuclear blast and fallout
  • How to conceal your bunker
  • Affordable basic life support options

Easy Cellar will also reveal how a veteran, with only $421, built a small nuclear bunker in his backyard.

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