North Korea Threatens to Nuke the U.S.

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This seems like an old tale, right? It seems like we have been experiencing threats from the North Koreans for decades now. There is one strong difference. North Korea is closer than ever to actually make all of these threats a reality.

North Korea threatens to Nuke the U.S. - North Korea is closer than ever to actually making all of these threats a reality.

Though we like to think that our technological advances are only for the good guys, it’s just not the truth.

When it comes to nuclear war, we are going to need to consider that we are facing a future where radical dictators have viable nuclear arsenals. It’s a scary thought but it’s real. Aside from obliterating those nations and making them New Americas 

Are you prepared to deal with a nuclear strike on your city

Get Out of Cities

If you are earnestly going to prepare for a nuclear strike you need to get away from major metro areas. They are simply targets. In close proximity, a nuclear blast is deadly no matter what preps you store. Aside from having a heads up and getting underground, you will be incinerated.

Get Away from Military Bases

The topic is similar. You do not want to live near a major target. That is going to spell disaster in a true nuclear assault. 

Obviously, a tactical nuclear strike is going to focus on destroying a powerhouse nation like America by limiting its military might. 

Prepare a Nuclear Emergency Response Plan

Most people will have to deal with local fallout. This fallout is what scares most people because of radiation poisoning. 

If you are too near to the blast area, you will just be blasted or burned to death. That is how that goes. 

Having a nuclear emergency response plan will help you deal with fallout quickly. It might also be a means for gathering the family in one location and the events might follow. 

North Korea threatens to Nuke the U.S. - North Korea is closer than ever to actually making all of these threats a reality.

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