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Best Prepper Gear Product On Market – Our Reviews and Comparisons

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Preparing for the worst is becoming more and more necessary these days as the world experiences an increase in global changes. Who knows what’s to come in the future?

What is sure is that we need to dot the i’s and cross the t’s and be prepared for surprises.

If you’re prepping, take a look at this article on how to prep yourself and your loved ones with the best gear to cover all the bases: water, light, energy, cooking, and tools.

Our Best Prepper Gear Product Reviews and Comparisons

1. GeoPress 24 oz Water Purifier Bottle

GRAYL GeoPress 24 oz Water Purifier Bottle - Filter for Hiking, Camping, Survival, Travel (Coyote Amber)
4,054 Reviews
GRAYL GeoPress 24 oz Water Purifier Bottle - Filter for Hiking, Camping, Survival, Travel (Coyote Amber)
  • PURIFY WATER ANYWHERE: Make sketchy water clean to drink....
  • REMOVES ALL PATHOGENS: Viruses (e.g. rotavirus, norovirus,...
  • FILTERS & CLEANS: particulates (e.g. sediment,...

Product Highlights

When you’re in a survival situation, forget breakfast! Water is the most important meal of the day. Sometimes that meal involves finding dirty water or even using your own urine.

However, this bottle turns that “nasty” dirty water into clean, drinking water. What’s more, it also serves as a water bottle so it filters and can be drunk from the same place. 2-in-1!

Another great aspect of this company, in particular, is that they give back to the environment and pledge 1% of their sales to the preservation and restoration of nature.


  • Ceramic
  • 24 Fluid Ounces
  • It comes in a variety of colors

What We Like About the GeoPress 24 oz Water Purifier Bottle

This bottle is incredibly versatile and portable. It doesn’t require pumps, hoses, sucking straws, batteries, or chemicals to clean, regardless of the type of water.

Plus, it not only filters but also cleans out the particulates (e.g., sediment, silt, microplastics), many chemicals (e.g., chlorine, benzene, chloroform), and heavy metals (e.g., lead, arsenic, and chromium) from your water.

In any survival situation, this is essential. As one reviewer commented, “ I drank tainted bathroom water all over Southeast Asia for 2 months,” commending the product on how well it works.

What We Don’t Like About the GeoPress 24 oz Water Purifier Bottle

While the bottle does come equipped with a replaceable purifier cartridge which is usable for 65 gallons (250L), it does mean that if you’re planning to be bogged down for a long time and need to purify a lot of water for a long period of time, you better prepare for needing to replace cartridges.

However, pre-filtering dirty water sources with a cloth such as a clean rag or T-shirt helps extend the life of the filter, which is a plus.

Another issue many commenters raised was that the filter leaks. However, several went back later and amended or left an additional comment on the fact that they hadn’t tightened their filters correctly the first time.


  • Tasteless water (no aftertaste of bad, dirty water)
  • Clean water in less than 10 seconds
  • Easy-to-carry-around water bottle design


  • Fresh water only (no salt water filtration)
  • Requires filter change after 65 gallons of use

2. Mini Water Filtration System

Sawyer Products MINI Water Filtration System
  • 0.1 micron squeeze filter. Ideal for outdoor recreation,...
  • It attaches to the included drinking pouch, standard...
  • Two 16-ounce reusable squeeze pouches. Two 7-inch drinking...

Product Highlights

Compared to the GeoPress water bottle above, this purifier is different in that it’s smaller.

It’s great for when you have a small amount of water to filter or want to drink directly from a stream. It’s essentially a glorified straw in terms of design and a great, 5-star water filter in terms of use.

Held to high-quality standards, this straw filter is rated to filter up to 100,000 gallons of water per straw.


  • Plastic
  • Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 4 x 12 x 8 inches
  • Purification method: Hollow Fiber Membrane
  • It fits in your hand and weighs 2 ounces

What We Like About the Mini Water Filtration System

This water filter’s size makes it easy to have on the go and connects to almost any water system, allowing you to easily drink while purifying water in the process.

The filter removes 99% of all bacteria, such as salmonella, cholera, and E. coli; protozoa, such as giardia and cryptosporidium; and also 100% of microplastics.

Another great aspect of these filter straws is that the company wants the best for their customers; 100% of products sold are individually tested three times to performance standards by Sawyer to ensure quality and efficiency.

What We Don’t Like About the Mini Water Filtration System

Unfortunately, the variety of colors costs more money. In some cases, it’s cheaper to buy 4 individual straws than the 4-pack of variety colors offered by the company.

While it does a great job of filtering larger particles, some reviewers commented on how it doesn’t seem to filter the teeny tiny particles (chemicals, pollutants, pesticides, virus, and heavy metals) as they saw them in their water after “filtering”.

However, there were few reviewers and most rated the product with 5 stars overall.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Filters A LOT more water than other filters (before needing a filter change) – 100,000 gallons


  • The filter bag which comes with the straw is poorly designed
  • The water bottle attachment doesn’t fit all bottles.

3. Pillar Candles

Stonebriar 35 Hour Long Burning Unscented Pillar Candles, 3x4, White
  • Our candles are poured and over dipped with only the best...
  • Pillar candles are made with lead-free 100% cotton wicks for...
  • These 3x4 pillar candles are the perfect size for large and...

Product Highlights

One never knows when the light may go out.

Candles are a sure-fire way to get light, especially since they only require a bit of fire / a match to get going compared to a solar flashlight, which requires extended sunlight to charge, or a regular lithium battery flashlight, which requires batteries (and spares, just in case).

That said, if you aren’t able to make a fire, this article will lay out some great ways to light a candle without matches or fire.


  • Unscented
  • Long burning technology
  • Smoke-free burn with lead-free, 100% cotton wicks
  • Variety of sizes

What We Like About the Pillar Candles

These candles are versatile and can be used just as easily for decoration as for emergency preparedness.

They also come in a variety of candle sizes, all of which come in a 6-pack: 3×3 (burns for 18 hours), 3×4 (burns for 35 hours), 3×6 (burns for 65 hours), and 3×8 (burns for 80 hours).

Plus, they’re unscented, which is great if you’re stuck in a small space and can’t stand fragrances.

What We Don’t Like About the Pillar Candles</h4.

Unfortunately, these candles have a reputation for burning strangely… Whether it’s not burning straight down the middle of the wax is a bit weird on the wick. This also indicates poor quality of the material.

However, the majority of reviews are 5 stars for these long-burning candles.


  • No batteries or solar charging required
  • Long-lasting
  • Unscented


  • Matches or a lighter are necessary
  • Eventually, they run out and burn down

4. LED Flashlight (with hand crank radio)

Emergency Hand Crank Radio with LED Flashlight for Emergency, AM/FM NOAA Portable Weather Radio with 2000mAh Power Bank Phone Charger, USB Charged & Solar Power for Camping, Emergency
  • 【HOME & OUTDOOR NECESSARY】As reported, we used to...
  • 【2000mAh PHONE CHARGER】When we are trapped in an...
  • 【3-WAY POWER SOURCES】The solar crank radios with...

Product Highlights

It’s undoubtedly awful to be stuck without power to charge your phone, which means no communication, radio or light source. However, this LED flashlight fixes that.

It functions as a phone charger (or standard USB device charger) as well as a powerful flashlight and weather radio, thanks to a variety of power sources.

This saves you from just about any situation!


  • Powered by: corded-electric; li-ion battery; solar; hand crank
  • LED flashlight
  • 5 volts
  • AM/FM NOAA portable weather radio
  • 2000mAh power bank USB charger

What We Like About the LED Flashlight (with hand-crank radio)

A great aspect about this product, which comes in two colors: red and yellow, is that it’s multipurpose and all-around useful.

It’s perfectly able to charge in an array of situations with solar, batteries, crank, and plug charging options.

Furthermore, it has a 30-day money-back promise, an 18-month replacement promise, and a lifetime customer support promise, which means this company cares about its product and customers.

Plus, the radio is water-resistant (not waterproof), which makes it great to have when it’s rainy or when you’re hiking in snowy weather.

What We Don’t Like About the LED Flashlight (with hand-crank radio)

Unfortunately, the battery isn’t known for being the greatest nor the longest lasting.

The device can charge phones, have the flashlight on, and play the radio at the same time; however, it does mean that the battery charge doesn’t hold for long and it damages the battery in the long run.

Additionally, many have mentioned that this is great for situations in which the flashlight is needed for less than 24 hours.

However, for week-long situations, it might not be the best, most efficient product due to its smaller battery.


  • Multiple charging sources
  • Access to (weather) radio
  • USB charger
  • Under $20
  • Water resistant


  • Weak battery life
  • Not good for long periods of use

5. Handheld Solar Powered Tactical Flashlight

Delxo Patriot Flashlight, Handheld Solar Powered Tactical Flashlights Cell Phone Charger, USB Rechargeable Waterproof Car LED Flash Light with 2400mAh Battery, Multi Function for Emergency
  • 【7 Modes Solar Flashlight】: Headlight (4-6hrs) -High,...
  • 【Reliable and Necessary】: LED Flashlight is water...
  • 【Rechargeable Emergency Power Bank】: This solar patriot...

Product Highlights

Similar to the crank flashlight above, this product is solar-powered, charges devices that are USB compatible, and is a flashlight. Although it doesn’t have a radio option.


  • 7 flashlight modes (200 lumens from the front and 150 lumens on the side)
  • Magnetic
  • Rechargeable via solar or USB
  • Water resistant
  • Compass
  • Emergency alert sound system
  • Safety cutter (on the side)

What We Like About the Handheld Solar Powered Tactical Flashlight

It’s undeniable… this flashlight is pretty useful with all of its features.

It is reviewed as being very sturdy (even military-grade worthy, according to one reviewer) and of top quality.

What We Don’t Like About the Handheld Solar Powered Tactical Flashlight

Some reviewers of the product say that the magnet doesn’t hold the weight of the flashlight and the charging stability is iffy.

Sometimes it doesn’t charge via solar power and sometimes it won’t charge via a cable.


  • Has tool features (compass, safety cutter, and alert system)
  • Water resistant
  • Charges a phone (or anything with USB)


  • There is no warranty or return guarantee from Amazon or the seller
  • Unstable charging

6. Portable Power Station Backup Battery & Solar Panel Power Generator

Geneverse 1002Wh (1x2) Solar Generator Bundle: 1X HomePower ONE Portable Power Station (3X 1000W AC Outlets) + 2X 100W Solar Panels. Quiet, Indoor-Safe Backup Battery Power Generator For Home Devices
  • The Most Reliable Emergency Power Supply: Industry-leading...
  • Long-Lasting Capacity: Each portal power station has 1,002Wh...
  • Powerful Output: 3 AC outlets with the pure-sine wave,...

Product Highlights

Energy makes the world go ’round, and it’s important to have access to functional energy sources in any emergency situation, whether it’s to charge a phone, a flashlight, cook, or keep warm with a heater.

While wind power is good, it requires energy and wind to produce. Electrical energy isn’t an option in most emergency situations.

Therefore, we are left with solar. However, don’t purchase a generator without reading this first.

This portable power station is great for 2 people because it’s reliable and every unit undergoes 52 reliability and safety tests… It works!


  • 2 waterproof panels
  • 1 battery/generator

What We Like About the Portable Power Station Backup Battery & Solar Panel Power Generator

This product is strong and reliable in that, after one full solar charge, the charge stays for up to 7 days.

Plus, it’s incredibly powerful, with 3 AC outlets that support 1000W rated power and 2000W surge power at 110V.

Furthermore, it offers a variety of ways to charge: 2 USB-C outputs with PD 18W, 1 USB-A with 5V/2.4A, 1 USB-A with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, and 1 car outlet with 12V/10A.

The device itself has an incredibly well-designed battery in that after 500 full cycles of recharging (from 0% to 100%), the battery should still hold 80% (if not more) of its original capacity. This company is serious about quality.

Each product goes through 52 reliability and safety tests before being put on the market and is covered by a 5-year warranty.

What We Don’t Like About the Portable Power Station Backup Battery & Solar Panel Power Generator

Due to its size, it’s not powerful enough to charge large items such as refrigerators.

It ends up damaging the fridge and the generator due to a power surge between the two.

It’s also rumored that the solar panels don’t charge as quickly as advertised or stay fully charged for 7 days. However, it also is important to keep in mind that each person has a different amount of sun to charge the panels with.


  • Long-lasting power
  • Reliable
  • Powerful
  • Easy to recharge
  • Portable


  • Only for a maximum of 2 people
  • Costly (around $1,500 USD)

7. Solar Power Bank 50000mAh

Solar Power Bank 50000mAh, Portable Solar Phone Charger with Flashlight, 4 Output Ports, 2 Input Ports, Solar Battery Bank Compatible with iPhone for Camping, Hiking, Trips
  • Solar Charger Power Bank: The solar panel can collect solar...
  • 50000mAh Big Capacity: The 50000mAh power bank provides 17.4...
  • 4 Output and 2 Input Ports: The solar powered charger is...

Product Highlights

While having something to charge larger items for more time is good in emergency situations, especially if you’re pre-prepared for them, it’s unlikely that you will need to charge large items for long periods of time.

Therefore, having a solid, surefire small charger to charge the little but important and essential things is important. This polar power bank is great just for that!


  • All-in-one device (compact)
  • 50000mAh capacity
  • 4 output ports and 2 input ports, including 1 USB-C input port and 1 micro input port
  • Flashlight
  • Charging options: Solar/USB cable

What We Like About the Solar Power Bank 50000mAh

This bank is powerful with just a single, full charge.

For example, it gives 17.4 charges for an iPhone 12, 12.2 charges for Samsung S21, and 8.8 charges for the iPad mini 5.

What’s more, it has a flashlight on the bottom side, which has three features: bright mode, SOS, and strobe flashlight, perfect for emergency charging and SOS situations.

What We Don’t Like About the Solar Power Bank 50000mAh

Similar to the product above, the battery is known to have some charge retention issues after time and use, like with many solar products. old review comments also mentioned that the electrical wiring between the input and output ports is flaky.

However, those were from years ago and newer reviews have commended the product on its charging ability.


  • Small and very portable
  • Multiport options


  • Could be heavy to carry for long periods of time at 2.5 lbs
  • Flaky battery life and charging abilities

8. Mini Portable Wood Burning Stove

No products found.

Product Highlights

Almost nothing beats the smell of food cooking over a wood or charcoal-burning stove in the wilderness.

However, with wildfires becoming such a commonality, it’s important to keep fires at bay. This stove is great for many reasons, including fire containment and a smokeless flame


  • Foldable design
  • Wood Camping Stove
  • Utensils included: foldable fire blow pipe, tweezers, fuel plate, carabiner, barbecue grill, mesh bag for carrying

What We Like About the Mini Portable Wood Burning Stove

If you’re using this stove for prepping purposes, it’s important not to make yourself known or have smoke in a tiny, underground room.

This stove’s technology is ideal since it’s smokeless. However, if you’re outside and worried about wind putting the fire out, the built-in air circulation channel heightens the combustion power and makes this product windproof.

What’s also neat about this is that the fuel can be found outdoors; it doesn’t have to be store-bought, which is great if you’re stuck outdoors and need to cook. For example, branches, firewood, dried fruit shells, charcoal, dried animal manure, etc.

What We Don’t Like About the Mini Portable Wood Burning Stove

Due to its compact size, it does mean that it isn’t functional for cooking large meals nor is it great for cooking quickly and efficiently. However, it does eventually get the job done.


  • Smokeless technology
  • Easily fueled from items found in the woods
  • Very compact (foldable)


  • Fire isn’t always the safest to use in emergency situations when in dry areas (woods and fields) or when trying to hide from danger and predators
  • Slow to work due to small size

9. All Season Solar Cooker Camper

Product Highlights

Made from food-grade virgin polypropylene (PP) flute board, this cooker is great for all-day food cooking from sea level to the slopes of Mt. Everest.


  • Waterproof
  • Included: a 14-page user/instruction manual, all required hardware, two extra-large reusable cooking bags, a folding cooking rack, and the Sunsight, a device that helps align the cooker properly

What We Like About the All Season Solar Cooker Camper

The technology used in this design helps it cook from the first ray of sunlight until the last ray of sunset.

It’s quick to cook (it can boil water in about 45 minutes) and is completely green, with no fuel required aside from the sun!

What We Don’t Like About the All-Season Solar Cooker Camper

Although overall this is a great product, it’s unfortunate that it must be sunny to cook. Therefore, it’s not easy to cook anything if there is cloudy weather or impossible if it’s nighttime.

However, one reviewer was able to successfully cook rice at 45°F with a little wind and it being partially cloudy.

Another downside isn’t the product itself, but rather the art of solar cooking. It’s not easy to do and requires time, instruction, patience, and a thermometer to do properly.


  • No fuel required
  • No open flame


  • It must be (mostly) sunny to cook
  • Solar cooking is a difficult art to master
  • Difficult to assemble (at first)

10. Emergency Survival Kit and First Aid Kit

No products found.

Product Highlights

Being prepared to be prepared is so important and knowing you’re in good hands regardless of the emergency situation is great.

This small emergency tool kit with many pieces is great for any backpack, backup car kit, or apocalypse preparation.


  • EMT bag made of military grade nylon
  • First Aid Kit
  • Emergency survival equipment
  • Fishing tools
  • Outdoor gear set

What We Like About the Emergency Survival Kit and First Aid Kit

Along with the wide array of items in the kits, this product comes with really great customer feedback.

This pack comes with more items in general and some essential items that most kits don’t add. For example, the extendable air-blower can start fires. Plus, this company offers 24-Hour easy-to-reach customer service just in case.

What We Don’t Like About the Emergency Survival Kit and First Aid Kit

The title claims it’s 200 pieces, but be careful because it’s a trick: there are only 126 pieces.

Another aspect that is rather negative is that it gets mixed reviews on the quality of the materials – some ex-military say it’s great and well worth the price, while some mountain rescue team members say it’s cheaply made and not worth it.


  • Lightweight
  • Water resistant


  • Very small in size and therefore the items are quite small
  • Perhaps cheap quality of items

11. 18-in-1 Emergency Survival Kit

Survival Gear and Equipment, 17 in 1 Emergency Survival Kit, Professional Defense Tool with Blanket Bracelets Backpack Compass Fire Starter Hiking
  • 【Great Gifts for Men】gadgets fishing gifts for men...
  • 【Must Have Survival Gear Kit】17 in 1 Professional...
  • 【Nice Quality Cold Steel】17 pcs survival kit included to...

Product Highlights

Sometimes it’s necessary to stick to the basics and not overpack, of course, depending on the situation.

If you’re looking for functionality and simplicity, then this 18-in-1 pack would be the ideal kit for you.


  • Includes: compass, survival knife, wire saw, water bottle clip, emergency thermal blanket, flintstone, scraper, screwdriver, flashlight, credit card knife, pen, whistle, mini light, carabiner, survival bracelet, needle, gauze swab, and black waterproof box
  • 1.4 lbs

What We Like About the 18-in-1 Emergency Survival Kit

Due to its compact size, it’s great for a grab-n-go kit and can fit in almost any bag for a “just-in-case” situation.

Overall, the quality is decent, especially for short-term emergency situations. However, it’s definitely not up for daily tasks for years.

That said, they’re cheap enough that having a few stashed around different places could be a good strategy.

What We Don’t Like About the 18-in-1 Emergency Survival Kit

While the pack looks nice, it’s unfortunate that there aren’t designated places, spots, or nooks and crannies to organize the contents inside.

Therefore, everything is rather haphazardly unorganized. Furthermore, some people questioned the quality. However, as stated in what we like about it, it’s good for short-term emergency situations.


  • Easy-to-carry pack
  • Waterproof pack


  • Iffy quality
  • Unorganized pack

Final Verdict

As great and effective as ultraviolet lights or reverse osmosis water filter systems are, they require electricity and aren’t as portable. Therefore, the first two items in this article are the better options.

Of the two, the straw, the second option, is the best as it offers more capacity to filter before needing to be changed (option 1: 65 gallons, option 2: 100,000 gallons).

Therefore, it’s also the cheaper, more economical option. It’s also a good idea to have a rain barrel or bucket around, too, to catch any extra water and filter it.

When it comes to lighting, having the best and most versatile thing is necessary for an emergency situation. The LED Flashlight, item number 4, is the best bet.

Not only does it have a great handheld flashlight, but it’s powered in multiple ways, has a USB/phone charging feature, and a radio.

Although, the battery won’t hold well if you use it for one purpose at a time (not all three simultaneously).

In the end, whether you’re a family of two looking for a mega power supply such as the Generark model (number 6) or a smaller supply that can charge your phone or smaller electronics, look no further than the PSOOO store’s smaller model (number 7).

While the wood-burning cooker stove is a good idea and handy considering it’s so little in size and therefore portable, it could become difficult to fuel with alcohol, wood, or charcoal if supplies are tight.

Therefore, it’s best to go with the solar option considering the sun goes everywhere and you don’t have to fret as much about what fuel you will use and where you will get it from.

Although, it’s important to think of the downfall with solar: cloudy and rainy days. It never hurts to be prepared, and having quality can be difficult to get when trying not to break the bank, especially when it comes to tools.

If you’re looking for something complete, compact, and could be good for years, number ten with 126 pieces in it is the one to go with.

However, if you’re looking for something smaller and good to have around just in case, item 11, the 18-in-1 tool kit is definitely the one to go with.

Also, take a look at the bug out bag essentials in this article here to compare what you want in your kits and bug out bags.