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The Secret To Winter Gardening

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Gardening in any weather can be tough, but if you want to grow all year round obvious winter is the hardest season. Get some great tips and advice from our friends over at off the grid news. What can you sow and grow in a cold frame? Well, they have that answer too.

Cold frames are so easy to make for free, it would be silly not to try your hand at this winter. There are so many ways to build a cold frame, you can even make one out of a bale of hay!  Another way is to get old windows and glass doors from Craigslist (hopefully for free) and build one out of those. You don’t have to make it look pretty. All you are doing is growing food not winning a beauty contest!

Check out the tutorial and get all the information you may need to put one of these cold frames together. If you liked this post, maybe you will like some of our others, you can check some related articles below or search via categories on the right, be warned, you will be on here for hours. Enjoy 🙂

The Secret To Winter Gardening