How to Survive a Real Life WROL Situation

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How to Survive a Real Life WROL Situation


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Image Credit: Roberto Cárdenas via Flickr

WROL means “Without Rule of Law” and it describes the complete breakdown of society and the rules that maintain order. This is the setting of many post-apocalyptic movies and books.

It’s also what is happening in Southeastern Brazil right now. We can learn a lot from observing the real-life Purge that began when law enforcement officers went on strike. In just a few days, murders went up by 1000%, businesses were looted and vandalized, and violence became the rule of the streets.

If such a situation were to occur here in America, would you know what to do?

You need to plan to hunker down in your home. If there is unchecked violence on the streets, you don’t want to be there. Right now in Brazil, going to the corner store (assuming it’s even open) to pick up a gallon of milk is to risk your very life.

Many of you reading this will already be well-prepared to face a week or two in lockdown. If you’re not, you must realize that when violence erupts, there will not be time for a last minute run to the store.

Without Rule of Law: How to Survive a Real Life Purge Like the One in Brazil

How to Survive a Real Life WROL Situation -life tips

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