How To Tan A Hide Using Several Methods

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How To Tan A Hide Using Several Methods

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Knowing how to tan hides is a great skill we all should know or at least attempt. Having the ability to tan hides has lot’s of benefits. Clothing, storage and shelter being just three.

I personally have never tanned a hide. I will not lie and say yes, this is an easy thing to do… I have read it’s actually not! So I went hunting around the internet looking on forums and Pinterest for a great tanning article and I came across an article from

They have an in depth article on different ways to tan your hides, I had no clue that they were so many ways. I am so glad I have read this article and bookmarked it because tanning a hide is on my bucket list. If SHTF knowing this old skill could be so beneficial. I know for a fact that if you can tan a hide you could sell them or barter them too. Check out the original article…

How To Tan A Hide Using Several Methods

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