The Cost of Natural Disaster

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America is whacked each year by serious disasters that cost billions of dollars. However, there are costs that go far beyond that when we talk about a natural disaster. As we become more populated in more high-risk areas, the costs of these natural disasters will continue to rise. It’s a serious issue and one that will continue to go up.

America is whacked each year by serious disasters that cost billions of dollars.

We are going to look at three big costs factors of all natural disasters. What you will find is that disaster prevention is not on the list of these three big cost factors. That could be one of the big issues and reasons we fork out billions each year on natural disasters.


We spend billions each year, as a nation, on disaster relief in America. The number is even higher on a world scale. These numbers will only grow as areas are hit again and again. These relief efforts include things like shelters, food and other provisions.

The truth is we put too much of an emphasis on disaster relief and not enough on disaster prevention. Why are our houses built quickly and cheaply?


The cost to rebuild after a disaster is another massive expense that is spread out over many areas. There is government funding to help with rebuild, insurance costs and then there are the costs taken on by individuals. These costs can be substantial and some people never rebuild.


Another cost that is not easy to capture is of those who leave the area and move elsewhere. It doesn’t take to many natural disasters before people start relocating. It might not be everyone but it will be some and that money is pulled from the local economy in many ways from collecting taxes to funding local businesses.

Its time we focus on disaster prevention!

America is whacked each year by serious disasters that cost billions of dollars.

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