USB Survival Power

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Disasters are thieves. They take things without permission or remorse. One of the things they take is power. We have so much that is dependent on electricity and when that current is shut off things get tough. It’s not because we cannot survive without it but because we are so used to having it around.

Disasters are thieves. They take things without permission or remorse.

In many ways access to that power has made us soft but it has also made us powerful. Either way when the lights go out we look around and try to hold off the panic for as long as we can. The great news is we have entered a period of time where the use of tools that plug into and there exclusivity is no more. Alternative power has arrived.

Between cellphones, computers and shrinking technology, as well as the electronics that just use less power, so much can be powered by USB these days. Now, you might be thinking, well, there is a limited scope on that because eventually you are going to run out of that power, too!

Cellphones die, computers die and all need recharging. In steps the USB Powerbank and its incredible versatility. There are a number of different powerbanks on the market and they range in size. Some are beasts that can power multiple devices and items, they have included lights or other features. Others are small pocket sized items that are perfect for a one device charge.

These things can charge

  • Small USB powered fans
  • cellphones
  • video games
  • lights
  • batteries
  • stung guns
  • kids toys

Surviving a serious disaster is about taking every advantage you can. Having the ability to power flashlights and rechargeable batteries gives you all sorts of options. One of the most important options is being able to recharge a video game or other kids toys when children are restless and bored! That’s a real life saver.

Disasters are thieves. They take things without permission or remorse.

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