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25 Prepper Items To Look For at Flea Markets

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“Prepper” is a word used to describe someone that actively prepares for a natural disaster or some other catastrophic event long before anything happens.

They truly believe and expect something major to happen any day. They prepare for this global event by stocking up on all types of supplies.

Flea markets and thrift stores can be goldmines if you’re interested in preparedness. You can find your prepper items in these stores.1x1Food, firearms, and ammunition are at the top of the prepper’s supply list. These are obvious things you would need to survive in a world that’s been devastated by some natural or man-made disastrous event.

However, there are many other items you’ll need or be thankful you have when you find yourself in survival mode.

When I first started collecting supplies, I discovered that flea markets near me sold many of the items I was searching for.

So, I decided to check out some of the thrift stores near me to see what they had to offer. I discovered that they also sold survival items fairly cheap.

In fact, you can find some really good deals on prepper items when you shop at thrift stores and flea markets. Most of the items are used but many of them still look and work like new. You just have to take your time and look around to find the best deals.

You also need to know what to look for when shopping for survival items. There is a long list of items to choose from depending on your particular situation. Below are some of the main items to seek out.

Basic Prepper Items to Look for at Flea Markets

Prepper items include a wide variety of things that you might not even think of when you’re first getting started. It’s difficult to imagine what living after a catastrophic event would be like but being prepared will improve your survival chances. Here are some of the basic prepper items to look for at flea markets and thrift stores.

Outerwear garments are a great find for preppers. If you have the room, collect several pairs of boots, raincoats, hats, ponchos, gloves, coats and similar items. These will help protect you from the cold darning the long winter months.

You’ll need all the candles, lanterns and flashlights you can find. You have to assume any type of catastrophic event will knock out power. You’ll be prepared when you have a large collection of these items on hand.

In addition to no power, phone towers may not be accessible and TVs may be off the air. Walkie-talkies and two-way radios will help you stay in touch with other survivalists. Portable radios will help keep you informed.

I found a great deal on blankets and pillows at a flea market near me. You may be able to do the same. Anytime you see these items cheap, grab them up.

Backpacks are great for storing and transporting clothing, food and anything else you need to carry around. Books, cards, games and other forms of entertainment may help relieve a little of the stress during such a difficult time. Be sure to look around for these items, as well.

Fabric and sewing supplies are necessary items you’ll find when exploring flea markets and thrift stores. You may also find some great deals on towels. All of these items will come in very handy so be sure to snatch some up if you get a chance.

Prepper Items That Will Greatly Improve Your Chances for Survival

When shopping at a thrift store near me, I found a big selection of camping, fishing and hunting gear. Many people don’t have any idea how much this stuff costs new so they practically give it away. These are the supplies that may save your life one day.

Look for gardening supplies such as rakes, shovels, hoes and hand tillers. You can usually find packs of vegetable seeds at flea markets for low prices. Pick up all of these items you can to ensure you have the tools needed to grow your own food.

Buckets and barrels are necessary for carrying food and storing water, so look for these in thrift stores. Pick up some canning jars with lids for preserving the foods you grow. Storage baskets and containers will also come in very handy.

Consider necessities like cast iron skillets, pots, and similar cookware. You’ll need a way to cook and prepare the foods you stockpile. Cookware designed for use over an open flame will hold up the best.

Collect a variety of kitchen tools and utensils. These include items such as can openers, knives, sharpening stones, grain grinders, and big cooking pots. They will certainly make preparing and eating meals a little less stressful during a major disaster.

Chainsaws and axes are highly sought after tools for cutting wood. Hand tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, and hammers are needed to build shelters and more. Be sure to search for nails, screws, hinges and other hardware to go with the tools while shopping for these prepper items.

Medical equipment and first aid supplies such as disinfectants and bandages are definitely in high demand. You’ll need them to treat and care for injuries. Preventing infection is vital when it comes to surviving any disaster.

25 Prepper Items to Look for at Flea Markets

  1. winter gear
  2. cookware
  3. boots and shoes
  4. candles
  5. manual kitchen tools
  6. blankets
  7. fishing gear
  8. camping gear
  9. lanterns
  10. backpacks and other bags
  11. buckets
  12. hunting gear
  13. flashlights
  14. radios
  15. towels and rags
  16. clothing
  17. wood cutting equipment
  18. storage items
  19. board games
  20. cards
  21. books
  22. knives
  23. rain gear
  24. sewing kits
  25. fabric

How to Get a Good Deal at Flea Markets and Thrift Stores

Make sure you’re getting a good deal when buying used prepper items. It would be very disheartening to find out the survival item you’re depending on doesn’t work properly. It could put your life in danger.

Take time to make sure the items you buy are in good shape. They don’t necessarily have to look new but they do need to work properly. If they need a lot of work or missing pieces, you may want to keep looking.

In some cases, older items will hold up better than the newer ones. They’re made of better quality materials and designed to last a lifetime if taken care of properly. For this reason, you may not want to ignore something you think you can use just because it looks old.

Stop and take a better look at these items. If they’re in good shape they’re worth buying. You can always clean them up to look nicer as long as they work.

You never know what you might find when you step into a thrift store or walk around a flea market. That’s part of the fun of going. It’s exciting to find survival items at such low prices.

It also makes it much easier for the survivalists living on a fixed income to find and collect some of the most important prepper items. Are you searching for cheap places to look for survival items? Check out the flea markets and thrift stores in your area.

Flea markets and thrift stores can be goldmines if you’re interested in preparedness. You can find your prepper items in these stores.