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Preppers Food Storage List

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Preppers Food Storage List

Preppers Food Storage List - tips Follow Me on Pinterest

There are so many food storage articles on the net. The best part is that most of them offer some great information. This article is one of the more comprehensive articles out there. It features about 30 food items and how to incorporate them into your food storage plan. It is a great article for building that initial base at your home. Once you have a solid base to build on food storage becomes a lot less intimidating. You will find that having the staples in rotation like flour, rice, pasta and beans you will have tremendous confidence in your food storage.

This article also talks about how to commercially packaged foods into long term food storage items with the help of oxygen absorbers and mylar bags. This is a great skill that will allow you to take your food storage to the next level. The article ends with a list of other great sites to visit for more info on food storage.

Preppers Food Storage List

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