The Different Types of Prepping (And Preppers)

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What kind of prepper are you? Do you know? Have you ever considered the different types of preppers and survivalists out there? Like any other group, we are broken down into subgroups. 

The Different Types of Prepping (And Preppers) - It wont take you long to find out which type of prepper you are. You may even find that you can fall into a couple categories as well.

Our region, our mindset all makeup how we prepare. So, let’s look at some of the most common prepper types and how they prepare. You will get a kick out of this one. 

Neo Pioneers

These folks have pulled up stakes and headed into mountains and rural prairies to make their own way. They are carving a path through the modern world and the modern way of life. Many are living off-grid and farming lots of food and livestock. 

Urban Preppers 

These preppers are trapped in the cities. They have fewer options than the average prepper but are given to the bugout. They pack light and are limited to small spaces for storage. Survival caching is a great idea for urban prepper. 

Suburban Homesteaders

These folks have turned their comfortable backyards in farms and gardens. While their neighbors might have pools and grills, these folks have chicken coops and raised bed gardens. While they identify as homesteaders they are most always preppers, as well. 

Militant OPSEC Preppers

A little bit of a throwback, this prepper is hush-hush and you would never know about their preps. They play the prepper card close to the chest. They also depend on lots of weapons to aid them in an SHTF situation. 

The Shameless

Perhaps, you could call these folks the Ambassadors of the prepping and survival movement. They are just out in the open about it all. It’s simple, they are preppers and they tell the world. Some are so brazen that they give outsiders a sideways look for not prepping. 

What type of prepper are you? Maybe you are in a category all its own! 


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