Natural Health: Plantain

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One of the most common growing “weeds” in the nation is common plantain. We are not talking about the hard bananas you see in the market.

Natural Health: Plantain - One of the most common growing "weeds" in the nation.

No. This is about a small, leafy green that grows with a low profile in your driveway. You may be shocked to find out just how much can be done with this plant. 

Because of convenience, we are dealing with a time in human history where we depend on others for everything. That means that things like plant medicine and wild foods are just not worth the effort for many people today. 

So what can you use the plantain for? 

As Food

Common plantain is growing in your yard and if you find a young patch it looks like small baby spinach. If it’s older it will have larger ovular leaves and might even have a few short stalks rising up out of the center. 

As food, the common plantain is a leafy green. We know how healthy dark leafy greens can be. Well, plantain is just like that. When the leaves are young they are delicious and can be sauteed with garlic just like baby spinach. 

When they get larger the leaves are a bit stringy but are still edible. You might just wanna chop them down and use them like you would chopped spinach. 

As Wound Care 

The plantain poultice is a big deal. It gives you the ability to treat a laceration or wound in the wild. The plantain leaves need only be broken down. You can gear them up but you really want to mash them into a paste. You can even wrap a wound with larger plantain leaves after applying the poultice directly to your wound. 

Know how to ID plantain to produce food and medicine in an austere situation. 

Natural Health: Plantain - One of the most common growing "weeds" in the nation.

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