Stockpiling for Skin Care

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Its rare that we hear a focus on prepping for the largest organ of the human body. There are many articles out there about foot care and the damaging effects of boots and long hikes on the feet. However, its rare that we hear anything about just caring for the skin.

Its rare that we hear a focus on prepping for the largest organ of the human body.

Now, there are two items that will be of the greatest necessity when it comes to your skin, in a collapse. While nearly every home in American has some stored today, they likely don’t have enough to live out a long term disaster.

Bug Spray

From the disease they transmit to the sheer exhaustion and frustration they can create. Having a collection of bug sprays can make all the difference. If you are bugging out into the woods you are likely to face off against insects of some kind. Ticks and chiggers can be a nightmare to deal with, as well.

However, even if you are just recovering after a flood or hurricane, the standing water is the perfect place for mosquitos to breed.  Having an answer for that nuisance can be a game changer.

Sun Screen

The unrelenting sun is another thing we must prepare for . Sun tan lotion is vital to short term and long term health. For those who don’t spend much time outside in the cold, you might not realize that sun burn is a 4 seasons threat.

Not only are there short term problems with sun exposure but longer term, too. You need to protect yourself.

Stockpiling these items is easy. The best time to look for them is in the off season. Most big box stores will shove them off into clearance and you can get high quality bug sprays for a couple dollars. This is the way to go. You can make a huge difference if you are truly in a survival or long term disaster situation.

Its rare that we hear a focus on prepping for the largest organ of the human body.

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