How To Suture a Wound on a Human or Animal

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How To Suture A Wound on a Human or Animal

How to Suture a Wound

Image Credit: DrBones NurseAmy

Knowing how to suture a wound is very important, not only for SHTF situations but for daily routines like going hiking or camping where medical assistance could be a few hrs away. I know this sounds cliche but I honestly can say after watching this video that I feel confident enough to say I could suture a wound if I had to.

I like the way Dr.Bones walks through the procedure and explains all of the steps in an easy to understand “normal person” talk. After watching this video I ordered a suture kit from Amazon. You can buy them here at this fantastic price, too.

If you area able to get a few people in your family or group to learn this skill, it would be a huge value add. Although it is possible to suture your own wounds you will get best results if someone else does it.

Video: How To Suture A Wound on a Human or Animal

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